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Our home page allows simple searching by placename and postcode. Here you can widen searches by using wild-cards or looking for sound-alikes, and narrow searches by specifying the county or nation. You can directly search for administrative units or for descriptions from historical gazetteers:

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  • Searches can include asterisks ('*') as wild cards to match characters you are not sure of, or you can try including names that sound like the name you are looking for.
  • Wild card and 'sound alike' searches can return very large numbers of matches, so consider specifying region and/or type. These searches can also be slow!
  • Searching here by nation or county is smart: it understands the polyhierarchic structure of our underlying database. For example, if you specify a county, parishes will be returned if they were within the Ancient, Registration or Administrative County of that name.

Our administrative gazetteer combines:

  • Frederick Youngs' Guide to the Local Administrative Units of England (Royal Historical Society, 1979 and 1991)
  • Melville Richards' Welsh Administrative and Territorial Units (Univ. of Wales Press, 1969)
  • Richard Cheffins' Parliamentary Constituencies and their registers since 1832 (British Library, 1998)
  • Gazetteer of Scottish Administrative Units compiled from census reports and other sources

Our gazetteer also incorporates information supplied by the Estonian and Swedish National Archives, plus additional research at the University of Portsmouth.

Political Areas

 . . .  State
 .  countries, 1st order divisions
 . . .  Nation
 . . .  Region
 .  countries, 2nd order divisions
 . . .  County
 .  countries, 3rd order divisions
 . . .  Higher-level District
 . . .  Middle-level District
 . . .  Lower-level District
 .  countries, 4th order divisions
 . . .  Parish
 . . .  sub-Parish
 . . .  sub sub-Parish
 .  multinational entities
 . . .  World
 . . .  Continent
 . . .  Sub-Continent

Our system for classifying British administrative units is designed as an extension to the Alexandria Digital Library's gazetteer Feature Type Thesaurus, but that contains only four terms for intra-state political units so the first expansion is from their four to our seven Geographical Levels. The next expansion is to our Unit Type values, and the final one to our type-specific Unit Status values ('World', 'State' and 'Nation' are both Geographical Levels and Unit Types). NB a given type of unit may hold more than one status value concurrently.

Click on any of the levels for details of the types we include within that level. Where there are a small number of units with a given type or status, you can access a complete listing of all such units.